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Jarrod Factor is a filmmaker, digital artist, director, editor, sound designer and composer.

Jarrod Factor's Bio:

Jarrod Factor's work is characterised by a strong sense of cohesion between various artistic components. This can be cross-form, such as the meeting of theatre and film, film and visual art, or music and film, or within the form itself; for example, blurring the boundaries between music and sound design, editing and visual effects, or even stylistically, where the avant-garde meets the mainstream. For Jarrod, the ultimate aims is to fuse various sensual elements into a single entity, where the stitches are seamless, adding to the audience’s sense of cerebral and visceral experience. 

Jarrod Factor's Experience:

Jarrod Factor's Education:

Jarrod Factor's Interests & Activities:

Filmmaking, motion graphics, sound design, branding, electronica, soundtracks, editing, theatre lighting design and sound design,

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